Oblique street view

Project name: House of Timber
Location: North London
Project category: New Build / Residential
Stage: Planning

Axonometric of proposal in context

View of kitchen

View of second floor bathroom

On a difficult site, with buildings on three sides, we have designed a low carbon house, which is almost entirely made out of timber.

The project’s aim is to find a contemporary and sustainable design language, that sits well in a traditional urban Victorian context.

The house is designed to be made almost entirely out of timber or wood based products, from the structure, through the insulation and cladding, to the finishes.

The building is designed with a great deal of interior flexibility for the changing needs of the current owner as well as any future owners. A house that is adaptable is better suited for a long life – which we believe is a core principle in designing sustainable buildings.

View of second floor

Sectional perspective of stair

Street elevation