Project name: Apartment with a Mezzanine
Location: North West London
Project category: Extension / Residential
Stage: Completed

The project is the loft conversion and internal reconfiguration of a first and second floor apartment.

The goal was to achieve a variety of separate spaces within the apartments limited space, without it feeling cramped or poky. This was achieved through careful consideration of the placement of each room and by introducing new views to outside and other spaces within the apartment. Large new rooflights allow ample light into the previously dark north facing property.

Materials were chosen from a natural palette, exposed wood and plaster, to achieve a tranquil interior, focusing on the play of light and shadow.

Existing first floor plan
As built first floor plan
Existing second floor plan
As built second floor plan
As built loft plan
As built roof plan

Model section – design development

Photography Sarah Rainer and architect’s own